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a DIGITAL ALLROUNDER and his journey ... so far


Welcome to my little comfy website, that's representing some of my older and more recent projects. Partially I'm still working on it. As you will see I like to play on different stages.
So let's get started.


Modeling · Texturing · Rendering


When I dived into the deep sea of polygons, the first things I've done were mainly high detailed toys for boys. Later the toys become bigger and faster.


Games · Experimental · Web


Because of being nosey, I began writing some code. The most stuff is done in Flash. Yeah I can hear some people screaming, how stupid I am. But believe it or not, Flash can do some pretty neat stuff, if you use it wisely. However, the FlashPlayer is needed to watch what's coming up next.

HTML and JavaScript can be fun as well.


Composing · Painting · Mixing


After I get used to the workflow of CGI, I felt it's time to create images more by myself instead of using 3D-engines. I've started with Composings, but Digital Paintings are more common for me by this time.

The MS PAINT - Experience
What if there's no Photoshope-esque software around? Right! Using MS Paint instead.

MS Paint-Output

MakingOf (TimeLapse)


Jump'n'Run · Action


Pierro is a classic 2D-Action-Jump'n Run that's currently in development. A level-driven story-mode for one or more players (co-op) is planned. Seperated from that a competitive multiplayer-mode comes along.

For this game a non-tile-based 2D-sidescroller-engine will created, called KAWAII-2D. At the moment this engine consists of 500+ classes and 60K+ lines of code.

KAWAII-2D includes so far:

  • versatile foe-system (they're able to jump, run, shoot, ...)
  • soft- and fix-scrolling incl. zoom
  • animated geometry
  • fully customisable scenery-setup (fore- and backdrop)
  • post-fx such as glow, lensflares, volumetric lights etc.
  • multiplayer co-op & pvp
  • many code-generated fx (rain, lightning, particles, steam, ...)
  • drag'n drop-editor
  • in realtime changeable physics (gravity, wind, ...)
  • several player-setups (Mario, MegaMan, RType, FlappyBird, ...)
  • dynamic sound-management (enviroment-, object-, effect-, player-sounds)
  • dozens of interactive level-objects (ropes, springs, poles, barrels, checkpoints, grab-objects, ...)
  • scriptable events (handy for boss-fights or something like that)
  • pixelbased and even so performant collision-detection

Kawaii2D-Footage of August'15 //using sketchy test-graphics

Offside the technical aspect of a game is of course the design and here begins the real fun. There're a lot of things to do. We need characters, story, level-ideas and so on. After that the craft need to be done (character-sprites, level-graphics, sounds, ...).
First of all I wanna start with the self-titled protagonist.

sideview of the protagonist

More stuff is coming soon.


Comic · Cyberpunk


Skyage is planned as a longterm-comic-project, that's set in the Cyberpunk-genre.


Discover a city, where only a very few people have stepped on solid ground and the sky is no limit anymore.
Meet dozens of characters, all of them have weaknesses and more or less shady intentions to change or just survive this hopeless place.
The technical progress has outpaced the human mind. Will the people retain control of promising new technology?
In this dystopian future the governent pretends to serve the people, but it secretly collaborate with greedy systemrelevant companies and mighty mobsters, who are controlling the "Dark Districts". It's a fragile union of puppetmasters, that lies behind a curtain of mutual distrust. How long will this peace assuring association still remain?

The overall plot is done, but it needs to be fleshed out before I can start with the panels.
Stay tuned for more upcoming stuff.


Thx for your attention.
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